Dublin Travel Journal

In mid-October me and the boyfriend went tot Dublin, Ireland, for 3 days. It was a surprise for his birthday and as an accidental blabbermouth it was SO hard for me not to spoil the surprise! He knew I had a trip planned (I had to make sure he’d clear his schedule, of course), but he didn’t know where we would be going. So in the month leading up to the trip I very much enjoyed teasing him with tiny spoilers, but never revealing the surprise. I had managed to keep it a secret for the whole month without blabbermouthing. A personal best, so you can imagine I was extremely proud of myself! c’:

On the day before we were going I was talking to my mum on the phone about how everything was going and she asked me if we would come over that weekend. I responded that we couldn’t because we were leaving for Dublin in the morning. Or actually I said: “We can’t come over this weekend, because we’re going to Du-“. Mid sentence I gasped in shock and covered my mouth with my hand as I remembered that the bf was sitting quietly at the table working on his laptop. With my hand still covering my mouth and my eyes wide I slowly turned to him, hoping he hadn’t heard. “Dublin?! We’re going to Dublin?!” he exclaimed excitedly (with the tiny teaser spoilers he only had to put one and one together). Aaand surprise ruined. Noooooo! D: I was so bummed that he found out this way on the day before we were going, but we laugh about it now c:

Day 1

The first day of the trip we spent walking around Dublin. It turned out to be a lot more busy and touristy than we thought it would be! A bit too much for our taste, but we still enjoyed being there and exploring. Our absolute favorite part of our exploration was the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. After the Botanical Gardens we also visited the Glasnevin Cemetery, which was beautiful in de light of the setting sun.

National Botanic Gardens Dublin

National Botanic Garden Dublin

National Botanic Garden Dublin

Instax Dublin day 1

Day 2

The second day we took the bus to Glendalough to see the Monastic City and walk in the mountains. This was our favorite part of the trip and also what I had looked forward the most when I was planning it. It was just absolutely stunning! Too bad we only had 3 hours to explore before the bus would take us back, otherwise we would’ve loved to spend many, many more hours there. If we were to go to Dublin again, we will definitely choose a hotel or Airbnb closer to Glendalough (from our Airbnb it took 2 hours to get there).





Day 3

On our third and last day we walked along the coast from Greystone to Bray for some more amazing views and then took the train to Dublin Center to end the day with dinner at J.W. Sweetman pub. I had a delicious Irish stew with Guiness bread (I need to recreate this at home!) and my boyfriend had an equally delicious burger with chips.



We had such a great time and I already can’t wait for our next trip! I’m thinking maybe Reykjavik or Stockholm…

What’s your next trip going to be? Let me know in the comment section!