Sing Premiere + Film Review

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A little while ago a girlfriend of mine won tickets to the premiere of Sing at Pathè Arena in Amsterdam and she brought me along (thanks Ems!) c: Together with a little less than 200 people, we were the first to watch Sing in The Netherlands last Tuesday night. Pretty cool, right!?

When we arrived we were surrounded by parents with children, so we felt a little out of place haha! But after a while other non parents and non children joined in on the fun. We were given some free drinks and snacks to enjoy during the movie (yours truly went for a cute small bottle of white wine c;), super nice! And there was a photographer taking pictures at the event, but the pictures haven’t been posted online yet, so I’ll add those in later!

While waiting for the movie to begin, they were playing Tenacious D’s Tribute (you know, the song about the best song in the world?) in the background and I think only myself and a cool dad seated somewhere behind me knew the song and were rocking out to it. It made me feel a little old haha!


Sing is about a koala named Buster Sing (voiced by Matthew “Alright, alright, alright” McConaughey) who owns his own theatre. Unfortunately he hasn’t produced any well received shows for a while and is financially struggling to keep the theatre afloat. In an attempt to safe his business, he comes up with the plan to produce a singing competition. This attracts some very talented animals and a lot more trouble than he bargained for…

Now, I have to admit that when it comes to animated films, I’m a little hard to please. Frozen? SO overrated. Vaiana? Pretty weak for Disney (especially the songs!). BUT! I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Sing! Nice animations, great voice acting and singing (goosebumps!) and there was honestly never a dull moment where I thought “Is is over yet?”. Granted, it’s not the most original story, but it’s still a cute, funny and very heartwarming story about never giving up on your dreams and staying true to yourself.

My rating: 7/10


Are you a sucker for animated films like my friend or are you hard to please like me? Let me know in the comment section! c: comments


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