La La Land | Movie Review

2 h 8 min | comedy, drama, musical | Damien Chazelle | Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

As I mentioned previously, I have horribly neglected my subscription to the cinema last year, but this will change now that another one of my dear friends also has a subsciption! Yaaay! So what better way than to celebrate with dinner (Ramen, yum!) and a movie c:

We decided on going to La La Land and after seeing it, all I can say is: wow. Honestly just…WOW! What a great movie to start 2017 off with! La La Land is an enchanting and melancholic but beautiful love story about the courage it takes to chase your dreams and the heartache that can come with it. It starts out as a charming romance film with elements of those old musical films, but just before you start to think it’s probably going to be just one of those cutesie but very cliché love stories, shit gets REAL. After all, chasing your dreams isn’t the easiest road to take. Sometimes feelings of self doubt, despair and envy can be a strain on yourself and your relationship, as aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) and Jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) find out. And then the bigger question arises of what to put first: your dreams or your relationship?


The scenes, songs and choreography of La La Land are nothing but gorgeous and Ryan Gosling and Emma give amazing performances per usual. If La La Land was just one long scene of the two tap dancing together, I would still watch it. These two have SO MUCH chemistry together! I’ve been shipping them since Crazy, Stupid, Love and I can’t help but hope there will be more films featuring this pair in the future.

And don’t get me started on Emma’s song The Fools Who Dream. No seriously, please don’t. Not unless you want to see me bawl my eyes out :’c

I mean, just look at the lyrics of the chorus:

“Here’s to ones who dream
Foolish as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that ache
Here’s to the mess we make”

Emma delivered this song with so much emotion. I CAN’T EVEN. And the ending of La La Land, although not at all what your average romantic (like yours truly) would want to see, is beautiful and perfect.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but I just have to share some of these feels with you guys. If you don’t mind spoilers or if you’ve already seen the movie, just select the text between the tags.

[SPOILERS START] Those last scenes, where Mia imagines what her life with Sebastian could have been like is truly heart wrenching. If that didn’t give you the feels, the moment when they lock eyes before she leaves Seb’s surely will. If not, you are probably a Vulcan and I would like some one on one lessons from you in controlling my human emotions better, because I didn’t know where to put all the feels.

Okay, I feel so much better now c:

If it wasn’t obvious from what I have written so far, I really, REALLY recommend you to watch La La Land. Oscar material for sure! Bring tissues, though…

My rating: 8,5


Are you going to see La La Land? Or if you’ve already seen it, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comment section c:! (comments)