Santa Clarita Diet | Netflix Picks

30 min | comedy, horror | Victor Fresco |Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant | February 3rd 2017

Hello evybum! * Today I’m introducing a new series here on the blog where I will review some good films or tv series that you can watch on Netflix! I thought that might come in handy for those days that you have no idea what to watch (we all have those!) c; I’ll try keep these posts short but sweet, so you can get straight to watching if you like the Netflix Pick. We’re going to start this new series off with the newly released Santa Clarita Diet!

*A little inside joke referring to this awesome moment of Hideo Kojima presenting Death Stranding at the E3 in 2016 (can’t wait to play! <3)


Santa Clarita Diet is about realtor couple Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel Hammond (Timothy Olyphant), whose lives turn upside down after Sheila dies and becomes a zombie. Sheila feels younger, more energetic and sexier than she has ever felt in years, but the downside is that she needs human meat to survive. Hilarious and awkward situations ensue…


I am a huge fan of zombie films and series. Especially the ones with classic zombies, lots of gore and lingering suspense. Like in The Walking Dead (yasss)! So I was a little skeptic of Santa Clarita Diet when I first saw the trailer, because it is something quite different. But then I remembered that I was skeptic about iZombi too and I ended up loving that. And besides, I love Drew Barrymore, so I gave it a go and I was not disappointed.

I actually ended up really liking this twist to the zombi genre! It’s really funny, cute (Sheila and Joel are #relationshipgoals!), has good acting and the story and the characters are not too complicated, so it’s great to watch for those moments where you just want turn your brain off and relax.

My Rating: 7,5 – great to wind down with!

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