February 2017 | Month in Review



Aaand another month has passed! Oh my gosh, would you please stop flying, Time? Thanks! XD

Despite me whining about time flying in every single Month in Review post, I am very excited for March, because I have a lot of fun things planned! This month I am…

  • going on vacation to Gran Canaria for 6 days
  • going to see Plini and Gojira in concert
  • going to play Horizon: Zero Dawn, Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 AND Mass Effect: Andromeda! Realistically, I won’t have time to play all three games this month, but it’s nice to have so much choice :p

Ermahgerd it’s going to be an awesome month! But before I forget all about February, let’s get into what I’ve been up to in February!

I’ve Been…

I am a firm believer that you never stop learning (either on educational or personal level), nor should you want to! So I enjoy reading a good self help book every now and then. And I read two great ones last month that taught me a lot!

The 5 Love Languages is an eye opener when it comes to giving and receiving love! According to Dr. Chapman there are (as the titel suggests) 5 Love Languages, or ways in which a person prefers to receive love: Words of Affirmations, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts or Physical Touch. To feel loved and appreciated, your partner needs to speak your love language. When you and your partner speak different languages, it could cause friction. Dr. Chapman explains the different Love Languages in the book and gives helpful tips on how to speak your partners language.
While this book is catered mostly to people in a romantic relationship, it’s principle is applicable to other forms of relationships as well, like friendships or the relationship between a parent and their child. A must-read!

If you tend to overthink or feel overwhelmed by all the things you think you should doing (like moi!), The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is definitely for you! It’s some tough lovin’, but it’s exactly what you need to hear. Trust me.
We have a lot of fucks to give and through anekdotes, witty humor and swearing, Manson teaches you how to decide on who and on what to spend these on. Life is short, so spend them wisely!

  • Watching – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Troll Hunters, The Walking Dead, Frontier (review here) Legion, Ajin, Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Fifty Shades Darker (review here), Gwoemul/The Host, The Invitation and Hidden Figures.
  • Playing – Pokémon Go, believe it or not! Gen II was (finally!) released in February, which mildly triggered my collecting mania again. And I figured, since the weather is getting better, why not? I’m not as addicted as I was when the game first came out, but hey it gets me out of the house and gives me some exercise c;

Not playing For Honor, because in the end it’s not mah thang. Also, it turned out it wasn’t meant as a Valentine’s gift from my boyfriend (like I said here) LOL XD But that ended up being a good thing since I don’t like it! We had a nice Valentine evening with cheese fondue and Arrival, though c:

To – Harry Potter: The Exhibition and it was MAGICAL! Read all about it in the blogpost I wrote about it!



  • Watching  – Legion (it is so dang good!), The Walking Dead and Chewing Gum. Need new series to watch asap!
  • Reading – (make that “going to read”) In the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I was supposed to read it last month, but I’m having a wee problem with it being an actual book. I can’t read a book while doing the dishes, but I can listen to one. Audiobooks are just so more convenient in my life right now! Going to try this month, though! Maybe while on vacation…?
  • Playing – Pokémon Go and hopefully soon Horizon: Zero Dawn and/or Telltale’s The Walking Dead!


So that’s been my February! How has February treated you? And do you also have exciting or fun things planned for this month? Let me know in the comments C; comments