My Goals for 2018

Happy New Year, guys! I don’t know how it is for you, but for me a new year means a clean slate. Time to set new goals and work towards becoming the happiest version of yourself! Big bonus for the organization geeks like me: January 1st of 2018 is on A MONDAY! And we all know that Monday is the best day of the week to start a new habit, amiright?!

Speaking of a clean slate, you might have noticed that the blog has undergone a little make-over: a new name and a new look. For a while I’ve felt like I couldn’t really identify with The Little Cinephile anymore. Not because I stopped loving watching movies and series (that will never happen!), but because last year my interests have shifted more towards travel and food. So I wanted a name that wouldn’t restrict me too much in terms of blog content and that encompasses me as a person. So I came up with The Little Wanderer! “Wanderer” is exactly how I would describe myself in one word. Not only because I am looking for my place in this world, but also because I love to explore new places and things. I am very happy with this change, I hope you like it too!

That being said, let’s get into my goals for 2018!


My Goals for 2018


Be nicer to myself. As corny as that sounds, I do have a habit of being too hard on myself. I have very high self standards coupled with perfectionism and having very rigid ideas about how my life should be. Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself that I get into some sort of “life paralysis” and can’t do much of anything anymore. Another thing I give myself a hard time for is being an introvert that struggles with social anxiety. It’s all so silly and such a waste of energy! So I’m working on being nicer to myself and this year I have the help of my lovely therapist.

Have a more balanced life. Because I would love to “feel calm, grounded, clear-headed and motivated more often than not”! I’m definitely someone who has a lack of motivation to do anything one day and ticks off everything on the to-do list in a burst of energy on the next. More balance? Yes please!

Blog more consistently. If you know me, or have somehow stuck around since I started blogging at the end of 2016 (thanks, mom!), you know that I’m not particularly consistent in posting content (or pretty much in anything, really). This probably has a lot to do with having a lack of balance in my life and having very high expectations of myself. This year, I aim to change that! I think it will also come more naturally by working on the first two goals. Let’s see how it goes if I start by making it a goal to publish one post a week!

▷ Learn how to edit videos. I would love to make videos every now and then to compliment the blog content! Sometimes a video just speaks louder than words.

Learn about food styling & photography. Because I love seeing those beautifully stylized pictures of food and I want to give you the food porn you want and need!

▷ Travel to 3 new places. Some places that are high on my list this year: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Vienna, Berlin and Budapest.

Explore the food scene of The Hague. The Hague is very culturally diverse, so there’s loads of places to eat all kinds of great foods. I want to eat all the things!

▷ Learn about cheese. Yes you read that right: cheese! I friggin’ love cheese -my IBS doesn’t share my sentiments-! I want to learn about flavor profiles and what wine to pair them with etc. etc… Ugh, I’m already getting excited just thinking about all the taste tests I’ll be doing this year! Also, a friend of mine is delving into the world of wines. Just imagine what amazing cheese and wine pairings we’ll be having!


So these are my main goals for the upcoming year. I will probably add little goals here and there every month, but these are the ones I will focus on the most.



What are your goals for this year?