The Ritual | Netflix Picks #3

“They should’ve gone to Vegas”

The Ritual

1 h 34 min | horror | Rafe Spall | Arsher Ali | Robert James-Collier | Sam Troughton

The Ritual Netflix Picks #3


The Ritual is about four friends who decide to hike the famous King’s Trail in Sweden: a hiking trail stretching almost 400 km through wild mountain landscapes, rivers and mountain plateaus. Reaching the end of their hike, the friends decide to take a shortcut through the woods, hoping to reach the lodge before nightfall. But – as quoted in the movie – “if the shortcut was a shortcut, it wouldn’t be called a shortcut, it would be called a route” and the friends soon find out why sometimes it’s best to stick to the path…

No Spoilers review

Why this film gets mostly so-so reviews I don’t know, because I was very pleasantly surprised by this film! It actually made my favorite-horror-films-ever list!

First of all: The Ritual is a book adaption from Adam Nevill and has very ‘human’ characters, portrayed by some solid actors who look like they could be your neighbours. There’s nothing more annoying to me than watching a film with a cast made up exclusively of beautiful people with unnaturally white teeth and perfect make-up, so this was a big plus for me! The actors had great chemistry together and gave some amazing performances, especially Rafe Spall and Sam Troughton.

And even though the whole friends-take-shortcut-and-then-run-for-their-lives storyline is pretty cliche, I really liked the supernatural twist to the story inspired by Norse Mythology. Not to mention the creature design! A little bizarre maybe, but very original en very cool! Usually the monster isn’t scary anymore once you’ve seen it, but this thing stays creepy af. A job well done!

The atmosphere in The Ritual reminded me of Dog Soldiers, which is my favorite werewolf movie in the history of EVER! The film has a very good balance between horror, comedy and drama. Regarding the horror part: The Ritual is not your average hack ‘n slash, torture/gore porn horror, so don’t disregard it just because you don’t like horror flicks. It’s actually quite clever!

All in all, I really enjoyed watching The Ritual and definitely recommend you to watch it!


My Rating: 7.5/10 – A new horror classic!


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