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Somewhere at the end of last year I came across the Instagram account @NewInTheHague: a page that gives updates on new restaurants, shops and bars opening in Den Haag. Very handy for people who -like myself- love to go on little (food) adventures. Through them, I found out that a donut shop called Donuts & Co had recently opened. Just a slight glance at their Instagram page was enough to convince me that I just needed to get my hands on one of those donuts!

By now, I’ve actually already been twice. Once on my own (hey, don’t judge me!) and once with a friend, who surprisingly enough hadn’t heard of Donuts & Co yet. So I am here today to spread the love in case you haven’t either!

Donuts & Co The Hague Hotspots The Little Wanderer

With their hipster proof interior and cute af logo, Donuts & Co has the look of a big company. When I asked the very friendly young gentleman behind the counter if they were part of a retail chain, I was surprised to hear that it’s actually a family-owned business! He told me that the shop is owned by his parents and that they come in every morning to make the donuts fresh. Using only organic ingredients, of course. Well, colour me impressed! So not only can you enjoy the most fluffy and delicious donuts at Donuts & Co, but you also support a local business while you’re at it. Double whammy!

Donuts & Co The Hague Hotspots

They have a wide variety of flavours to choose from, including vegan varieties. So far I’ve tasted the dulce de leche donut with almond shavings, the chocolate-hazelnut filled donut and -my favorite so far- the white chocolate and matcha donut with pistachio sprinkles and rose petals (see pictures below). Will you just look at this beauty?!

Donuts & Co Den Haag The Little Wanderer

Donuts & Co Den Haag Hotspots The Little Wanderer

And yes, it was as good as it looks! Great, organic products and friendly, chatty staff. All the right ingredients for great succes! I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll see Donuts & Co in more cities in a few years.

Already excited to try these yourself? You can find Donuts & Co in the ever so charming Papestraat. You can either order your donuts to go, or enjoy them with a nice, organic cuppa in the shop. A word of advice: when they’re out of donuts, they close up shop! So be sure to visit them earlier in the day, to avoid disappointment! 😉


If you live in Den Haag: have you been to Donuts & Co yet? If you don’t: what’s your favourite Donut shop in your city?