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Ethical is the New Black | Sustainable Fashion

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While creeping on Instagram a little while back, I came across an Instagram post (which I somehow can’t find anymore) of my favorite Dutch online travel agency Vakantie Discounter, in which they asked people to answer the following question:

“If you had to choose between never travelling again or never shopping again, what would you pick?”

For me the answer is pretty obvious. I mean frack clothes then, right?! But that’s not really the point of me mentioning this. The point is that this question really made me think a lot more about the impact of the travel and fashion industry on the environment. Obviously I don’t want to stop travelling, so maybe I should think about living more sustainably when it comes to fashion?

We already do some things in our household to live a more sustainable lifestyle, like:


▷ recycling plastic, glass and paper

▷ cutting down our meat intake and buying higher welfare products as much as we can

▷ buying organic as much as we can

▷ using environmentally friendly detergents

▷ having a green energy supplier

▷ I pretty much always use my bicycle to get around and use public transportation for travelling over longer distances
(I do have to mention that I don’t have a driver’s licence, but I would still use our car minimally if I had one)


And yet, when it comes to sustainable fashion, I have to admit that my eyes were wide shut. I would always go to fast fashion stores like Primark and H&M, because I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes. Besides, I was already being pretty eco-friendly in other aspects of my life, so I told myself that that would balance out my occasional shopping spree at these chains. But fast fashion is actually the second dirtiest industry in the world. On top of that, they often have their products created by people living and working in terrible conditions. Double whammy! The more I really think about it, the more guilty I feel about having knowingly contributed to this serious problem for most of my life.

It wasn’t originally one of my goals for this year, but from now on I really want to shop more responsibly, and mostly vintage or second hand. Not only will I be limiting my carbon footprint that way, but I will also be saving money (for travel, yay!) and will hopefully find some cool and unique pieces of clothing. Sounds like a good deal to me!

When I started researching vintage and second hand clothing stores in Den Haag last week, I found out that there would be a Vintage Kilo Sale that same weekend. Such a lucky coincidence!

I’ll share my experiences -and of course my Vintage Kilo Sale haul- with you soon!


If you had to pick between never travelling again or never shopping again, what would you pick? Also, what are your thoughts on shopping vintage and second hand clothes? 





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