When it was announced somewhere in June last year that there would be a Harry Potter exhibition, I was so. Fraking. EXCITED! Like many others, Harry Potter has been my absolute favorite fandom since I started reading the books at the age of 10 and I watch the films on a yearly basis. So getting the opportunity to see the props that were used for the films was not one I was going to pass up on! After months and months of anticipation, last Saturday was finally the day that a few friends and I traveled to CineMec in Utrecht for a magical day… [queue Harry Potter theme song]

A Little Impression…

After a bit (lol) of queuing we started off our adventure with The Sorting Ceremony. Yours truly didn’t get sorted, because I was too much of a scaredy-cat to get on the chair in front of an audience c’: But the real Sorting Hat on Pottermore sorted me in Ravenclaw anyway, so let’s just pretend that I was a second year student watching the first years getting sorted!

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